Seeing The Unseen: Behind Chinese Tech Giants’ Global Venturing

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in Chinese companies? How did they expand so quickly and what can I learn from their successes?

Professor Guoli Chen and Jianggan Li have spent the last 2 years deciphering Chinese tech companies and their global expansion. They are excited to share these insights, stories and analyses in their new book: “Seeing the Unseen – behind Chinese tech giants’ global venturing”.

Through their stories and work at ​Momentum Works, ​INSEAD as well as in an ever growing community of self starters, they will share insights and connect the dots to how the Chinese companies came to be, and where they will be going next. 

What Can You Get From Reading This Book?

  • Deep insights to understand Chinese tech giants’ quick rise, and the opportunities and challenges they are facing in overseas venturing.
  • A framework of POP-Leadership which guide you analyse the business situations and quickly zoom in the tipping-point in strategy implementation.
  • Strategic thinking behind Chinese business leaders and working styles of Chinese tech firms.
  • The changing landscape due to Chinese tech firm’s worldwide expansion and the implications for you, either as entrepreneurs, employees, regulators, business partners or competitors.
  • The rising forces and business models from emerging markets outside China and cross fertilization in the global landscape


Who Should Read This Book?

  • A senior executive leading a company
  • A budding entrepreneur who’d like to replicate the business models outside China
  • A business owner embedded in the Chinese supply or ecosystem
  • A consultant who advises on the strategies of Chinese high-tech firms
  • A researcher aiming to write a report on the Chinese tech industry
  • A government official who would like to formulate policies to attract and manage foreign direct investment (FDI) and new business models from China

Overall, whether you are of Chinese background or not, a tech company or an entrepreneur, a researcher or business enthusiast, detailed experiences from the book and the POP-Leadership framework will fill a gap for you to systematically understand how Chinese tech firms create, compete, and venture into the international arena which will shape the competitive landscape in the coming years.


How did Chinese tech giants’ become so successful? It boils down to People, Organisation, Product and Leadership. POP-Leadership equips you with a framework to compete in China and abroad.

Key Takeaways From POP-Leadership

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